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Twenty years ago a seed was planted in the small town of Sandpoint, Idaho. Every day men came together to get real with themselves, to cut the BS and deepen their connection to themselves and other. Fast forward to 2016 and a group of men came together in the Berkshire mountains for the first EVRYMAN retreat. Together we envisioned a community of men for whom emotional expression would be a long-term effort, not a “quick fix.” By doing this work, they could improve their choices, relationships, and emotional wellness, and support other guys with the same goals.

As we began developing our mindful emotional intelligence curriculum and toolkit, we saw a path that could be different for every man, while bringing each of us closer to the genuine friends, even brothers, and sense of connection that we often lack.

Today, EVRYMAN has hosted dozens of sold-out retreats, supported a 100+ new groups across the globe, and earned recognition from the likes of GQ, Men’s Health and the New York Times. 

Guys tell us that what’s unique about EVRYMAN is that we help you translate those skills and awareness into improved everyday living for yourself and the people you interact with, personally and professionally. 

                          Analog Moments in the Digital World?

If you're reading these words, you're probably looking for more from yourself. You're starting to ask deep questions of yourself, what is my purpose, who am I, what do I want? Or you've already done some personal work, maybe a lot of it, maybe even at one our retreats, groups or courses. So there was probably a time where you felt that moment of freedom, of connection, that is so rare in “ordinary life.”

A thriving community of men from all over the world was always part of our vision. COVID accelerated  our move to online and the results are beyond our wildest expectations. The breakthroughs are happening for men from all over the world, online, everyday. 

Men connect daily in our peer led EVRYMAN groups or via our daily facilitator led Drop In Groups (DIG's). Online has attracted a diverse community of men, from all over the world who show up for themselves and others. 

EVRYMAN is a community of men who come together not to celebrate the wisdom of one man but the collective wisdom of every man. We are truly stronger together and we invite any man willing to show up for themselves and other to join us. 

We've got your back. YOU are EVRYMAN. 

        EVRYMAN Membership Benefits

  • Placement in and training to join an EVRYMAN Online Group (Optional)
  • Unlimited Drop-In Groups (DIGs) led by trained facilitators
  • Private, secure online hub for your new or existing EVRYMAN group
  • Access to EVRYMAN self guided Courses
  • Members-only workshops and themed groups
  • Exclusive content and resources 
  • Member rate for EVRYMAN programs and retreats 
  • Access to the members-only EVRYMAN community where you can connect with like minded men from all over the world
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