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Connect with Yourself, Your Life's Purpose, and a Community of Men Who've Got Your Back

EVRYMAN & Our Membership Offering

Show up. As more of yourself. Develop your fundamental human skills of emotional presence, vulnerability, and connection. You don’t do it by learning theories, you do it by allowing life experiences to evoke your gifts and passion from within.

EVRYMAN’s approach is driven by science and experience. When we slow down to experience what is occurring, we begin to feel. And as we feel more, we awaken more of our self.

As we at EVRYMAN develop our mindful emotional intelligence curriculum and toolkit, we see a path that could be different for every man, while bringing each of us closer to the genuine friends, even brothers, and sense of connection that we often lack.

By doing this work, you can improve your choices, relationships, and emotional wellness, and connect with a community of guys with the same goals.

Today, EVRYMAN has worked with thousands of men, hosted dozens of sold-out retreats, supported hundreds of EVRYMAN groups across the globe, and earned recognition from the likes of GQ, Men’s Health and the New York Times. 

Hone skills and awareness to improve everyday living for yourself and the people you interact with, both personally and professionally. 

The EVRYMAN Online Community Includes: 

  • Drop-In Groups (we call them DIGs)
  • Live Courses & Workshops
  • Self-Directed Courses
  • Video Library On Demand
  • Exclusive Pricing on In-Person Retreats

Analog Moments in the Digital World?

If you're reading these words, you're probably looking for more from yourself. You're starting to ask deep questions of yourself, perhaps about purpose, who you really are, what you really want. Maybe you've already done some personal work, maybe a lot of it, maybe even at one our retreats, groups or courses. So there was probably a time where you felt that moment of freedom, of connection, that is so rare in “ordinary life.”

Our vision is of a thriving community of men all over the world.

EVRYMAN is a community of men who come together not to celebrate the wisdom of one man but the collective wisdom of all of us. We are truly stronger together and we invite any man willing to show up for themselves to join us. 

We've got your back. YOU are EVRYMAN.